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About This Web Site

About Getting Ahead Programs

Once upon a time, Dr. Carol Goldberg had an inspiration to apply her understanding of people to increase their health and productivity.   She would teach people how to achieve their goals, especially by managing stress and staying motivated.  In order to reach many people and because of the value for businesses, her workshops and motivational speaking would be at corporations, conferences, training facilities, conventions, and meetings.  After doing this part time for many years, she decided to expand it to full-time and establish a corporation.  Thus, Getting Ahead Programs was born in 1995.  

Dr. Goldberg chose the name Getting Ahead Programs® to convey her belief that advancement results from skills than can be learned.  From the initials for Getting Ahead Programs, G.A.P., she developed the motivational slogan, “Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.®"  She designed an arrow shaped logo to indicate progression and to be a pointer.  In the arrow, she placed a gap, a ladder for advancement, and the color green, the color associated with growth and money.

The name Getting Ahead Programs, its slogan, and its logo are ® Registered Service Marks with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

We provide memorable programs, with lasting benefits.

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