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We want to thank our guests for their time and expertise.  We are grateful to Regina Watkins (Director), Donald M. Slonim (Audio), Aaron Balasny (Former Director), and Richard Einhorn (Former Director) for generously donating their services for the production of our program.   We also want to express appreciation to Cablevision; Diane Bennett, Joe Varsalona, Heather McGowan, and Daniel; technicians Patrick Gulino and Rob Kornberg;  Public Access TV Corporation; Shirley Bruno and Sandy Ferguson; and Manhattan Neighborhood Network.  We appreciate that Dr. Peter Kanaris, Dr. Dan Berger, and Dr. Barbara Malley brought our program to Suffolk County, Dr. Karen Siegel to Great Neck, and Dr. Nancy Soleymani to Manhattan.    


If Dr. Carol Goldberg and Company is not broadcast in your area, you may be able to bring it to your neighborhood.  If we have the capacity to expand to additional locations, we will assist you in applying to Public Access television to bring our program to your community, at no cost to you.  

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