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Dr. Goldberg received prestigious awards for the TV program she hosts and produces, Dr. Carol Goldberg and Company


New York State Psychological Association Special Media Award   




Nassau County Psychological      Association                                                      Private Practice Committee Distinguished Achievement Award


In addition to the above awards for her TV program, Dr. Goldberg was honored with a Distinguished Service Award from the New York State Psychological Association, President's Millennium Award from the Nassau County Psychological Association, Award for Outstanding Leadership from the Psychology Internship Directors of New York State, Continuing Education Award from the New York State Psychological Association, and Fellow of the American Psychological Association, Fellow of the Media Division and of the Independent Practice Division of the American Psychological Association, and Fellow of the American Academy of Clinical Psychology.



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Guests (C-K) and Topics
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Guests (R-S) and Topics
Guests (T-Y) and Topics
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