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Balancing Work and Family Life 

Working from Home 

By Dr. Carol Goldberg

Since 9/11, people are reassessing their priorities.  Life seems too short to miss precious time with loved ones.  Home and family are becoming more important than working late at the office.  People also need time for friends, exercise, and other healthy escapes from so much stress.  

Yet there are realities of earning a living.  

How can people balance their work and family life?



The answer comes from new, affordable, technology that makes it possible to work efficiently from home.   Employees and their employers like its ease and security.   Instead of wasting time and energy commuting, people can be more productive at their same jobs by working from home.    

Tips for working from home:                 

  • Use the latest technology
    • Teleconferencing
    • Teleworking by remote access to your office computer (via Web browser, without having to anticipate files wanted or transfer files to disks or a laptop)


  • Increase communications with management and co-workers
    • Confer more frequently on the phone
    • Use instant messaging for real time collaboration
    • Attend important meetings in person


  • Differentiate work from leisure
    • Reserve a separate place at home just for work
    • Be sure your workplace is quiet and without interruptions
    • Tell people you do not take personal calls during work hours
    • Dress so you and others know you are at work
    • Keep regular work hours, as you do at the office
    • Establish a work mind-set by walking out and in the door


Working from home can reduce stress.  You can manage time creatively and work when you are at your peak alertness.  The time you save by not commuting can be used more effectively.  Meals and coffee breaks can be with family.  Now, by using teleworking technology, working from home is becoming more popular and productive. 

                         Copyright 2001 by Carol Goldberg, Ph.D.  All rights reserved.

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