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About This Web Site

Career Coaching

S...Make it happen!M

     Dr. Carol Goldberg helps people achieve their professional goals and success.   Her career coaching is especially for individuals in entrepreneurial pursuits, whether traditional businesses, private practice, or innovative work, and is also appropriate for those who are employees. 

     She harnesses strengths of well functioning clients to help them facilitate changes, perform their best, and speed up results.  Using what is in each client, she teaches clients how to continue to progress on their own.  Whether fine tuning current work, seeking to add part-time work, wanting to move to another field, or looking for exciting remunerative activities after "retiring" from a previous job, she can provide:

  • a jump start

  • new ideas

  • out-of-the-box exploration to discover and solve market needs

  • ways to transform ideas into services and/or products

  • structure

  • mentoring support

  • access to resources

  • help with entrepreneurial business management

  • methods for promoting services and products

  • clarity and focus

  • comfortable ways to cope with change

  • stress management

  • antidotes to entrepreneurial isolation

  • feedback

  • enthusiasm, energy, and continuous motivation.

         As a licensed psychologist, she adheres to professional ethics and confidentiality.  Coaching can be as needed, without a long-term commitment.  Sessions are individual, conveniently in-person or by phone.

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