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Dr. Goldberg on Parent Coaches on Good Morning America on ABC Television.  

Summary: In an interview about parent coaching, Dr. Goldberg emphasized the importance of consulting licensed professionals instead of unregulated people, who may be without degrees or bone fide training, and not know when they are in over their heads.  Coaching is typically conducted without seeing the client, such as via phone or e-mail (which raises concerns about not knowing the client well enough and e-mail lack of privacy).  Surprisingly, unregulated people may charge as much or more than licensed professionals (even though no office overhead).  Licensed professionals, such as psychologists, are regulated by the state and have education to help with normal everyday situations as well as with problems. 

The following unsolicited comment is typical of the many Dr. Goldberg received: "Congratulations!  You did a terrific job reinforcing the importance of qualified professionals.  Bravo! "

The following quotes of what Dr. Goldberg said are from ABC News' website:

"I think the risk with any coach is that there are a lot of unknowns," Goldberg said. "It's sort of like a grab bag. You can get somebody who's qualified who knows a lot, or you can get somebody who's totally unqualified. And because there's no state regulation you don't know the difference."

"I think that anything that is done over the phone misses certain cues," Goldberg said. "I would be concerned that somebody who does not have a depth of training would be able to know when they are in over their head."

Goldberg says that parents should be careful.

"There's nothing that is harmless," she said. "Anything that deals with your head, with your behavior, with your children is important, and it is important to get the best for you."

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