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About This Web Site

    Testimonials from Psychologists about TV Program Dr. Carol Goldberg and Company upon its Decade Anniversary

Looking back to our decade anniversary and a sample of ten of the numerous congratulations from psychologists:

"Your TV show is a great showcase for our colleagues. You let them shine and provide a forum for them to tout their skills and specialties...When you see your guests getting into jargon or speaking above the head of the viewer you deftly cut in to explain what the psychologist is really talking about. So your show is very educational and business like along with a gentle measure of humor. Here's to another 10 years."

"Congratulations on your 10 years on the air...and most of all for being a responsible broadcaster who really supports and provides accurate information to all.  Such broadcasting is priceless and very difficult to find."

"Some think and some do. You have been an innovator and implementer for the many years that I have known you. Please add my congratulations to all the others for your remarkable achievement."

"Kudos and congratulations!  You've set a great example of creatively adapting to changing times and getting psychology's voice heard. Wishing you every success for the next decade."

"Congratulations on your achievement and on being a trail blazer for psychologists on diversifying our career options.  It is inspiring and encouraging to me and to others also."

"Congratulations on the 10th anniversary of your television program. You have always been in the vanguard of excellence and recognized how important it is for psychologists to connect with the public."

"Ten great congratulations to you Carol. You are a great role model for psychologists."

"Congratulations! What an accomplishment Carol! Best wishes and continued success!"

"Congratulations Carol on your 10th anniversary. You do a really great job."

CONGRATULATIONS on the 10th anniversary of your show. That is quite an accomplishment!"

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