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?Copyright 2000-2016 by Carol Goldberg, Ph.D.  

About This Web Site

Welcome to

and Dr. Carol Goldberg and  

You are cordially invited to browse, watch us on television, and write to us.  


Click on this photo of Dr. Goldberg on the Today show to watch the video.

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       Happy 15th Anniversary

Dr. Carol Goldberg and Company

15 years and Continuing with Contracts through 16 years


Dr. Goldberg is Host and Producer of award-winning TV program, Dr. Carol Goldberg and Company, which has aired at least weekly throughout Manhattan and Long Island in New York since May 1, 2001 ...and is continuing.  You can watch it on TV in areas where it is aired, on the Internet, or any time on your computer.  Click here for details.

An article about it is the lead article in the April 2006 issue of Professional Psychology: Research and Practice (an American Psychological Association peer reviewed journal).  In recognition of Dr. Goldberg's contributions to media and psychology nationally, she was elected Fellow of the American Psychological Association and its Media Division.

Bio Summary: Dr. Carol Goldberg is a multimedia and clinical psychologist.  She speaks at corporations and organizations; in national TV, radio, and print media; and on the Internet to promote health and productivity.  

Dr.  Goldberg has experience working with all types of people of all ages in psychology, education, and business. After designing this web site in 2000, people who saw it asked her to design theirs. Thus, she combines diverse experience and over 25 years of computer expertise to design web sites.  Her media coaching and workshops help people promote their work via comfortable and effective public speaking, including PowerPoint Presentation Speaking Skills.  She developed Getting Ahead Programs?/font> to help people achieve professional goals and success.  She does organizational consulting, particularly about stress management and helping business and tech teams communicate to enhance corporate web sites.

Audiences praise her liveliness, clear explanations, and respectful emphasis on people's strengths.  Because Dr. Goldberg is a caring, sincere, enthusiastic role model and practices what she teaches, she motivates people to manage stress, have healthy life styles, and achieve their goals.  


Please note new schedule for television program.

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