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About This Web Site

Media Bio



As seen on the Today show 


Dr. Carol Goldberg is an internationally recognized authority.   

A sample of her media credits:        

TV and Radio: Dr. Goldberg has been interviewed on the Today show and other television programs on NBC, Good Morning America and other programs on ABC, CBS, CNN, PBS (Channel 13-NY), CNBC, WPIX/WB, Fox News Channel, News 12 Long Island, America’s Talking, NewsTalk, and on radio on CBS, NBC, NPR, KGO, Disney, and SONY.   The American Psychological Association selected her to do audio bites for radio stations throughout the United States.  The New York State Psychological Association selected the slogan she developed for its Public Service Announcements ("Psychologists are the people experts.") She is Host and Producer of an award-winning TV program, Dr. Carol Goldberg and Company that airs at least weekly throughout Manhattan and Long Island since May 1, 2001.  Dr. Carol Goldberg and Company TV program info.

Newspapers: She has appeared in major newspapers, including The New York TimesThe Washington Post,  USA TodayInvestor's Business DailyNewsdayThe New York PostThe Los Angeles Times,  San Francisco Chronicle, The Palm Beach Post,  The Daily News,  The Federal Times, The Toronto Sun,  The Journal Constitution, The Oklahoman, The Eagle-Tribune, Physicians Weekly, Physician's Personal Advisory, and news services such as Associated Press and DPA.

Magazines: Dr. Goldberg has been interviewed in magazines including PC World,  Better Homes and Gardens, Redbook,  Glamour,  Success,  Woman's World,  Cosmopolitan,  Fitness,  Self, and Reader's Digest New Choices.

Books: Her advice has been quoted in health books including Healing with Motion; The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Women;  Natural Prescriptions; Natural Remedies; Get Thin, Get Young; The Inner Journey; and in financial publications such as Deloitte's Annual Report on Technology Trends.

Her Own Writings: Dr. Goldberg writes articles in professional publications.  Her article, "How to Make Psychology a Household Word Through Television: A  Psychologist's Experience as Host and Producer of a Weekly Program," is the lead article in the April 2006 Professional Psychology: Research and Practice (peer reviewed journal  of American Psychological Association, Vol. 37, No.2.).  She wrote a regular column in The Internal Audit Advisor.  She is writing books on stress management and wellness.   

Internet: She has been interviewed on news and health websites, such as WebMD and  video viewable by clicking on this link and then selecting "Coping with the Holiday Blues."  She has served on  web boards for professional organizations. 

Her expertise is based upon solid credentials and experience.  General bio.

She has media experience with associations, including being a Fellow of the Media Division of the American Psychological Association.  Professional associations.



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