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About This Web Site

For Psychologists



Want to increase your private practice?

Want people to know about you and your qualifications?

                        Want to publicize your specialties?                         

Want to provide resources and articles?

Your own website can do all of the above and more.

You do not have to spend time learning about computers, how to do web design, and marketing.

Your do not have to settle for fill-in-the-blanks templates and look-alikes. 

Your website does not have to be designed by technicians who know nothing about psychology.

Carol Goldberg, Ph.D., ABPP can design a website especially for you, in your individual style.  If you already have a website and it is not accomplishing what you want it to, she can design a revised website.

  • She can understand what you do 

    • from many years of clinical psychology practice with all ages.

  • She knows appropriate professional standards 

    • served on Ethics Committee of New York State Psychological Association.

  • She understands marketing of psychology 

    • Chaired New York State Psychological Association Marketing and Public Relations Committee

    • Founded and Chaired Nassau County Psychological Association's New Markets Committee

    • On New York State Psychological Association's Public Relations Team

    • Host and Producer of  television program that promotes psychology to the public and received Special Media Award from New York State Psychological Association and Distinguished Achievement Award from the Nassau County Psychological Association Private Practice Committee.

Contact her to find out what your own website can do for your practice.



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