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About This Web Site

Public Speaking Training 

In the same time you can speak to one person, you can speak to a room full of people.  Live audiences offer the closest interaction and greatest amount of communication time.  Yet public speaking is the #1 fear.

Here is a quiz to see if you are missing opportunities to get your message to audiences:


  1. Are you afraid to speak to audiences?  

  2. Do you sit quietly while others contribute ideas?  

  3. Are you selling your products to one customer at a time?  

  4. Do you avoid interviews about your book, research, news? 

  5. Are you annoyed when others get recognition for your work?

If you answered “yes,” you are missing opportunities by speaking to one person in the same time you could be speaking to many.       

                                        © Copyright 2000 by Carol Goldberg, Ph.D.  All rights reserved.

You don't have to let the #1 fear, fear of public speaking, keep you from marketing your work to audiences.  A stress management expert and professional public speaker, Dr. Carol Goldberg developed Public Speaking for Professional Success® Workshops to teach professionals to speak comfortably and effectively to audiences.  She also can show you how to reach the audiences you want.  

Contact Dr. Goldberg about Public Speaking for Professional Success Workshops® at your work place or for your organization.

To find out about publicity opportunities: 


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