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About This Web Site

Testimonials about Dr. Goldberg's presentations from audiences from Fortune 500 Companies, International Conferences, Conventions, CEOs, and Administrators:

"The presentation was excellent."

"responsive to the needs of participants"

"high marks for content as well as presentation"

"Dr. Goldberg has a facility for stimulating an audience and for engaging their active participation."

"very worthwhile"

"highly informative"

"clear and lively"

"Dr. Goldberg has a delightful sense of humor."

"stimulating and of interest to all attendees"

"top attendance draw at the annual convention"

"Dr. Goldberg brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm and is open to new ideas."

"a person with immense creativity"

"ability to focus on essentials, appreciate time constraints of the business world"

"she taught valuable sales skills"

"Dr. Goldberg was able to understand the technical aspects of everyone's work."

" We hope to work with you again in the future."

"I would highly recommend this program."


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