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Testimonials from Psychologists about Dr. Goldberg's Workshops


"Excellent" - Ruth Ochroch, Ph.D., ABPP, New York State Psychological Association President

"All excellent, Carol !  Great presentation!  Thank you." - Sharon Brennan, Ph.D., New York State Psychological Association Public Relations Committee Chairperson, Representative to American Psychological Association Council, and 2004 President.

"Dr. Goldberg is very knowledgeable and experienced.  She presented a wealth of information.  I wish we would have had more time with her, at least a half day workshop, more is better.  I'm still phobic about media contact, but would consider getting coaching from Dr. Goldberg to help me overcome it and develop my skills." - Catherine C. Masterson, Ph.D., New York State Psychological Association Secretary and Clinical Division Past-President

"Thank you for a very helpful, informative and encouraging workshop for
those who have not yet entered the public arena in their professional
lives."  - Helga Weiss, Ph.D., Representative to NYSPA Council

"Brisk pace.  Packed with information. Very clear and inspirational." - John Valentis, Ph.D.  (who traveled from Albany to New York City to attend the workshop)

"Thanks Carol and NYSPA!   Excellent 2 hours.  Great venue lunch and great value.  Practical, hands-on, engaging format.  Well fed us intellectually and professionally." - Karen l. Siegel, Ph.D.

"The presentation was well-organized, informative, and fun.  I recommend it highly.  Dr. Goldberg is a professional multimedia therapist and a media pro."

"The sequence of the events in this workshop made it not only easy to follow but makes it easy to remember (tips)."

"Chock full of good information.  Loved the mock interviews at the end."

'The role modeling was very helpful.  For a public speaking phobic like myself, the presentation was chock full of useful information which helped to desensitize me for media opportunities."

(Re Mock Interviews) "I thought you were so adept at it all, and I especially admired how you could come up with such keen questions on the spot. "

"Lively & interesting."

"Liked her interview skills in mock interviews and the amount of information she shared with us."

"(wanted) more mock interviews."

"Excellent workshop."

"THANKS - great learning opp."


From Chairs of American Psychological Association Convention Presentation:

"Your presentation fit very well and there was lots of audience enthusiasm." 

"Your presentation was very well received!  Great job and again, thanks for all your hard work!"

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