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Time Management


Timesaver Tips

from Dr. Carol Goldberg



When people list causes of stress, not having enough time is at the top.

1.  Looking for lost items is a huge timewaster.   Keep keys, reading glasses, and other items in their place.

2.  Make lists and check off completed items.   Check marks also provide feelings of accomplishment.

3.  Use stick-up reminders in prominent places.   You can peel them off as take-along reminders.

4.  Don't challenge yourself with trying to set impossible time records.  Since most things take longer than expected and are prone to unforeseen delays,  pad lists with extra time.  

5. Retracing your steps wastes time.  Plan errands geographically.

6. Go through your mail once to eliminate junk mail and sort the rest by required response dates.  

7. Waiting on "hold" during phone calls wastes time.   Use waiting time productively to scan your e-mail, delete unwanted messages, and answer those requiring a brief reply.  (You will need a speaker phone near your computer, but having one is a good idea anyway.)

8. When you speak with people, place an order, or do a follow-up, record the person's name on your calendar.

9.  Break projects into small parts.  Realistically estimate how long it will take to accomplish each part, add extra time for unforeseen delays, and adhere to these mini-deadlines. 

10. Build in rewards for early completion of projects.  Being able to use that extra time personally is a wonderful reward.                                         

Copyright 2000 by Carol Goldberg, Ph.D.  All rights reserved.

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