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About This Web Site

Dr. Carol Goldberg and Company TV Program

Dr. Carol Goldberg and Company® airs on TV at least weekly in New York (throughout Manhattan and Long Island) and on computers worldwide.  As Host and Producer, Dr. Goldberg interviews "company": guests who are making a difference. What they say could make a difference in your life.    


Program's Milestones:

  • On television at least weekly throughout Manhattan and Long Island in New York since May 1, 2001 (in some areas multiple times per week)

  • On computers worldwide: Every Monday at 8 P.M. (U.S. Eastern Time)

  • Received two Awards

  • Is the lead article in the April 2006 issue of Professional Psychology: Research and Practice (an American Psychological Association peer reviewed journal).


Additonal Info:

Interview about Program's Mission
Guests (A-B) and Topics
Guests (C-K) and Topics
Guests (L-M)  and Topics
Guests (R-S) and Topics
Guests (T-Y) and Topics
Viewers' Comments
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