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TV Guests (A-B) and Topics

Guests on Dr. Carol Goldberg and Company are listed in alphabetical order by last name, with profession, interview topic, and relevant books.  Guests are given the option of including a photo.  To contact guests, click on e-mail address.  


Dr. Lawrence Alssid.  Psychologist.  Panic disorder.  Contact:   LALS54@cs.com

  Dr. Noemi Balinth.  Psychologist.  Online relationships.  Contact: DrNoemi@aol.com


Dr. F. Michler Bishop.  Psychologist.  Addictions and what you can do about them.  Author of "Managing Addictions: Cognitive, Emotive, and Behavioral Techniques."  Contact: fmbishop@aol.com


Dr. Barbara B. Bolen.  Psychologist.  Irritable bowel syndrome.   Author of "Breaking the Bonds of Irritable Bowel Syndrome."  Contact: bbolen@optonline.net                                    

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