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TV Guests (C-K) and Topics 

Dr. Pamela Manfredo Curtis.  Psychologist.  How corporations succeed.  Contact: Pam@manfredocurtis.com


Dr. Howard Gurr.  Psychologist.  Parenting skills.  Contact: hgurr@drsgurr.com


Dr. Stephen Honor.  Psychologist.  Assessing memory loss and other neuropsychological disorders.  Contact: shonorphd@aol.com

  Dr. Joan Irwin.  Psychologist.  Successful aging: an amazing trip around the world by bicycle.  Contact: joanirwin66@msn.com

 Dr. Leah Klungness.  Psychologist.  Single parenting.  Author of "The Complete Single Mother." Contact: justasklk@aol.com


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