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TV Guests (R-S) and Topics

    Dr. Lisa Rappaport.  Psychologist.  Learning disabilities.  Contact: ShrinkRapp2@aol.com


Dr. Gloria Rothenberg.  Psychologist.  Preventing violence in schools.  Contact: gsrny@optonline.net


   Dr. Karen Lynn Siegel.  Psychologist.  NGO representative of Zonta International to the United Nations;  Executive Committee of NGO Mental Health Committee;  NGO Committees for UNICEF, Status of Women, and UNIFEM.    U.N. human rights initiatives for mental health, women, and children.  Contact: drklsphd@optonline.net


Dr. Nancy Soleymani.  Psychologist.  Cognitive and behavioral treatment of depression.  Contact: NSoleymani@aol.com.


Dr. Richard Sternberg.  Psychologist.  The insanity defense: is it getting away with murder?  Contact: rsternbe@optonline.net


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