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TV Guests (T-Y) and Topics

Dr. David Trueman, Esq.  Psychologist and attorney.  Abuse in relationships. Contact: truemanlaw@erols.com

Ms. Regina Watkins.  Educator.  Preparing for college and SAT exams.  Contact: irisjl@aol.com

  Dr. Dorit B. Whiteman.  Psychologist.  The Holocaust.   Author of "The Uprooted: A Hitler Legacy" and "Escape via Siberia: A Jewish Boy's Odyssey of Survival." Contact and additional information at web site: www.DrDoritWhiteman.com


Dr. Jose Yaryura-Tobias.  Psychiatrist.  Medical treatment of depression.  Author of "Bio-Behavioral Treatment of Obsessive-Compulsive Spectrum Disorders" (along with Dr. Fugen A. Neziroglu).   Contact: Yaryura1@aol.com


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