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 Wellness Tips

from Dr. Carol Goldberg

(arranged in order of difficulty for most people)


 Basic Wellness Tips             

  • Wear a seat belt in cars and planes.  

  • Add fruit and vegetables to every meal.     

  • Use dental floss.  

  • Whenever possible, walk instead of taking an elevator, a car, or a bus. 


  Intermediate Wellness Tips                    


  • Exercise briskly at least a half-hour 5 days a week, the more and the more varied the better.  (The type and amount should be approved by your health care professional prior to beginning and when there are changes in your health and/or significant increases in amount of exercise.)

  • Reduce saturated fats (such as fatty meat, fried foods, egg yolks, butter, baked goods with tropical and hydrogenated oils) and sugar, in accordance with your weight and health risks.  

  • Reserve time for relaxation techniques (such as meditation), leisure, and relationships.

  • Get enough sleep (eight hours/night).                                          

Advanced Wellness Tips     

  • If you smoke, use drugs, or drink too much alcohol, do whatever it takes to give it up (except harmful substitutes). 

  • If you need to lose weight, eat less, eliminate fats and sugar, and exercise as vigorously as your health status permits. 

  • Avoid road rage and other angry encounters.

  • Learn to manage problems that cause you stress.      

                                     Copyright 2000 by Carol Goldberg, Ph.D.  All rights reserved.

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